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November 2015; July 2016

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Introducing Hannah Brunsdon!

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Hey there! My name is Hannah Brunsdon and I am the new practicum student here at Antyx! I’m finishing up my Master’s of Social Work specializing in International and Community Development at the University of Calgary. I’ve been in Calgary for about a year and a half, and am loving all the amazing things this city offers (although, I still manage to spend too much time watching Netflix!). When I’m not mindlessly consuming media content, I’m baking (and eating!) sourdough bread, playing Quidditch, rehearsing for a musical, biking, or hanging out with friends. I’m super pumped to be spending the next 3 ½ months with Antyx!

You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What colour would you be and why?

I would be a bright fuchsia—I love bright colours and try to bring a positive, playful attitude to whatever I do.

What are your hobbies?

I love embroidery—I’ve embroidered my denim jacket with flowers and it’s my favourite thing to wear. I also love to bake sourdough bread. It’s very satisfying to make a loaf of bread and be able to share it with family and friend. I love the feeling of someone saying “I love that” whether it be my jacket or bread and being able to answer “thanks, I made it!”. I have gotten into biking on the path behind my house, and I am a proud member of the Calgary Quidditch Community.

What’s your favourite game or sport to watch and play?

My favourite game is the board game Code Names—I love watching people’s minds at work and how they connect the different words.

What is your favourite memory from childhood?

I grew up with lots of kids around—there were about 10 kids who were around my age on my block, and we played outside together every day after school. I have many fond memories of building forts, playing at the park, arguing over who would get to be Ginny when we played “Harry Potter”, and skating on the rink behind our house in the winter!

What do you look forward to most while working with Antyx Community Arts?

I’m looking forward to getting to know all the folks who are part of the different programs, and getting creative and silly! I’m looking forward to learning more about other art mediums, and getting the chance to spend more time exploring performance with young people! (I am a little nervous about my hip hop skills—but that’ll be a good way to get out of my comfort zone!)