What we do!

Antyx is involved in community arts projects across Calgary. We work with a variety of groups and organizations to create collaborative community projects that use the arts to engage youth and help create safer, more inclusive communities.

Antyx Community Art Projects use a variety of arts-based processes, including:

Visual Arts

We connect community groups with artists to develop community art projects that lead to the creation of murals, pavement art, sculpture, etc.  Groups are engaged in creating art for their community.


Groups are empowered to use drama and theatre to build skills and self-confidence. Often they create plays that allow them to speak to their own experience, tell their stories, or address issues that are important to them.

Video and Photography

Through the use of the visual mediums of film and photography, groups are given the tools to tell their own stories and explore vital issues.



Groups are engaged in working together to develop musical skills and create community performances. Drumming and percussion programs build group skills and explore collective issues.

 Arts Mash-ups

Some community projects blend several diverse art forms. Recent projects have melded theatre, hip hop, photography, and video processes to address racism and discrimination and to allow youth to explore issues of identity.

Antyx Community Workshops

Antyx works with community groups to develop workshops that engage participants in creative processes that bring them together and help to explore issues of common concern. We have developed workshops for conferences, school events, professional development days and community events and celebrations.


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Our Method


We encourage people to shift from their usual role as consumers of arts and culture to become artists themselves; making positive change in their own communities.


We provide an accessible means for communities in and around Calgary to engage in development processes that empower members to address issues of common concern.


Our work is collaborative. Antyx works directly in and with communities, groups, and organizations that are interested in using the arts to engage youth and build healthier, more inclusive communities.