Employment Opportunities

Working with Antyx


Antyx programs and services are guided by our mission: 
Community Arts: engaging, empowering, transforming.

We want to connect with community groups and organizations that want to use the arts to engage youth and creative positive change in their community. We have a strategic focus on engaging vulnerable youth and working in communities where there are few opportunities for them to participate in positive community activities.

Every project is unique. Projects can be large or small. They can last for a couple of hours or run over a couple of years. Using a wide variety of arts-based processes, we work with our partners to develop the right creative process for their needs.

The cost of each project varies with size and scope. We are committed to providing accessible and affordable services to the groups we work with, and often work with our community partners to find the resources needed to fund community art projects.

There are currently no job opportunities available. If you are interested in finding out more about Antyx or if you would like to talk about how you can work with us - we want to hear from you! Call or e-mail us here.