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November 2015; July 2016

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Whispers in the Tall Grass - Website Launched

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Whispers in the Tall Grass is a site-specific sound art installation by Antyx Youth Arts Action and Calgary-based artist Caitlind R.C. Brown. Intended as an all-but-invisible audio intervention in the new Forest Lawn Natural Park, Whispers in the Tall Grass uses 9 speakers embedded in the hills to explore connections (and separations) between strangers and neighbours through sound recordings. In communities like Forest Lawn where cultures collide, how does the identity of a place form? Do we develop in tension with each other or find a way to grow together? What role does the imaginary space between people play in how we understand each other? Amidst all our differences, perhaps there is an overlap in our daydreams and our nightmares, or at very least in how we think about HOME.

Made from a combination of interviews, readings, and field recordings, the sound behind Whispers was captured over two years with 25+ youth and community members. Listeners are invited to lay down in the grass, look up at the sky, and listen to voices all around them. Part documentary and part myth, Whispers in the Tall Grass weaves together a combination of real and imaginary stories with the hope of creating moments of intimacy in a public space.

You can experience Whispers in the Tall Grass onsite from July 15 – September 16, 2017 at Forest Lawn Natural Park, the greenspace at 43rd Street and 10th Avenue SE in Calgary. The art is free and open to everyone.

Special thanks to the Antyx Youth Arts Action, all our interviewees, Calgary Parks, the Antyx staff and volunteers, Aspen Family and Community Network, Freshwater Creative, The Calgary Foundation, Canada Council for the Arts, Lane Shordee, and Wayne Garrett.

A partnership between Aspen & Antyx.

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