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Forest Lawn YAA

YOUTH ARTS ACTION are a group of youth (ages 15-18) who act as creative leaders in the Greater Forest Lawn area. The youth identify and address issues that are relevant to them in the area and then create a series of creative projects to transform these issues in their community. Youth engage with their communities to encourage positive social change through the creation of self driven community arts projects. In the past Youth Arts Action has created projects such as murals, sculptures, music, video documentaries, and multi media art exhibitions, but the direction the group takes depends on the interests of the youth involved.

OPPORTUNITY!! We are looking for youth interested in making positive social change in their communities through creative ways starting this February 2, 2016. We will be meeting regularly every Tuesday 4:00pm-6:00pm at our Antyx Youth Arts Hub #202 – 4202 17 Ave SE starting February 2, 2016. Youth may join anytime during the run of the program but are encouraged to join early so their voices are part of the initial conversations for current projects. Currently, projects include building a digital sound installation and sculpture to be installed in the new natural playground across the street from Greater Forest Lawn High School; public theatre interventions; place-making events; podcasting; etc. Other projects will be generated depending on the issues that the youth want to address. We have also planned a series of field trips to galleries, events and to meet other youth leaders throughout this term. There is no registration fee necessary. 

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YAA is an initiative of Antyx Community Arts in collaboration with Aspen Family Services.

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