What is Antyx

Dover Mural with Forest Lawn YAA, Aspen Family Services, and Antyx Community Arts

Dover Mural with Forest Lawn YAA, Aspen Family Services, and Antyx Community Arts

Antyx Community Arts

Antyx is a community arts company that uses the arts and community development processes to create opportunities for youth to become more engaged in their community and experience increased community connection. 

Our community arts strategy involves developing collaborative community arts projects that engage youth and communities. Projects are planned with community partners and direct input from youth. Past projects have included: community murals, performances of plays reflecting community issues, video and music projects.

Antyx was formed on January 1, 2010, when All Nations Theatre and Urban Youth Worx (ANT/UYW) merged and began operating as a single community arts organization. All Nations Theatre has worked in Calgary since 1992, engaging youth in participatory theatre projects that explored issues identified by youth. Founded in 1998, Urban Youth Worx has supported the development of Arts-based community development projects across Calgary.

The creation of Antyx through the consolidation of All Nations Theatre and Urban Youth Worx has created tremendous opportunities to engage youth and communities in using the arts to explore critical issues and make positive change!

Community, Culture, Collaboration

Antyx works in communities across Calgary. Antyx community arts projects can have a neighborhood focus or they may be focused on addressing community identified issues. Arts are used in development processes to build community capacity and to creatively and critically engage people in processes that address important community issues.

Over 80% of our work has a focus on engaging youth in their communities.

Antyx uses the arts to engage youth and spark their curiosity and commitment. Community arts projects provide opportunities for youth to make tangible contributions to their community and be recognized for those contributions. The arts open the door to self-reflection and self-expression, allowing youth to explore who they are and their place in the world.

Collaboration is central to our work. Antyx is well placed as a community resource that provides creative support through community arts processes to a wide variety of community groups and organizations that are working on many different issues. We currently work with numerous community groups and organizations including: The Centre for Newcomers, Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary, Urban Society for Aboriginal Youth and many Calgary schools.

Antyx Community Arts Vision:
Creative, vibrant communities fostering inclusion, participation, and potential.

Antyx Community Arts Mission:
Community Arts: engaging, empowering, transforming.

Antyx Community Arts Values:
We are enthusiastically committed to: