Program Summary

Youth Arts Action

A program that is currently based in Greater Forest Lawn where youth explore and learn different art forms to then identify and address issues that are relevant to them through various creative projects. Ages 13-20.






Antyx Studio

A drop-in youth leadership group between the ages of 13-18 within the North of McKnight communities, who come together to create events and activities to address social issues that impact them the most. 

Youth Voices

A committee of youth between the ages of 13-24 years of age that rally and engage fellow youth living in the North of McKnight communities in creative projects and initiatives, housed at 1000Voices at the Genesis Centre. 

Antyx Digital Arts

Join Antyx Community Arts in exploring how you can develop you can develop your skills in digital arts, such as photography, animation, and video. You will receive hands on training in media production and create digital projects about issues that are important to you!