North of McKnight

YOUTH ARTS ACTION (North), ANTYX STUDIO and YOUTH VOICES are our core groups in NE Calgary.

Watermelon Eating Contest!

To destress before exams Antyx Youth Leadership Group (YLAC) planned a watermelon eating contest and party at the Genesis Centre.

Youth wrote and drew their future hopes on a dream board. A common theme on the board ended up being happiness.Youth got creative and made costumes out of garbage bags, coloured tape and pipe cleaners. Everyone helped each other along the way.The garbage bag dresses, vests, ties (and even beard) all turned out spectacular. Everyone blew balloons and let them go along with their stress, and read out loud their self-care cards.


After some intense wheelbarrow racing and watermelon eating among teams, Team Basketball came out on top as the winners. Check out the gallery below for more pictures!