North of McKnight

YOUTH ARTS ACTION (North), ANTYX STUDIO and YOUTH VOICES are our core groups in NE Calgary.

Painting Rocks

Youth from the Antyx Digital Arts group in Falconridge decided to create some art inspired by nature. They painted rocks with positive messages and placed them outside around the Falconridge community, as a form of polite graffiti to brighten people's day.

There was reflection that day on how we can go beyond consumerism to have fun or create change. We don't need to buy expensive materials to do a worthwhile recreational activity with our friends, families and communities. These rocks - after all - were freshly picked from a river in Calgary. In a recent meeting youth played the telephone game and talked about how this game happens within our communities, through prejudiced and uneducated commentary passed on by the media or one person to another. Such messages that are spread can become seeds for racism, sexism, and stereotyping within any community. These rocks have been painted to help keep the community's focus on love, compassion and creativity!