North of McKnight

YOUTH ARTS ACTION (North), ANTYX STUDIO and YOUTH VOICES are our core groups in NE Calgary.

Youth Interview: Muhammad Zorays Afzal

What program (s) are you involved with at Antyx and why?
Hello, my name is Muhammad Zorays Afzal. I am involved with From the Rooftops because it is an opportunistic volunteering group that allows me to use all my potential to bring a positive change within the community.

What have been some of your most memorable moments?
Every session feels memorable and enjoyable as over time I have bonded closely with everyone in the group. One particular moment that comes to mind is when I was co-hosting a youth discussion/ seminar about domestic violence. This moment felt special because the topic felt important to us and through the event it felt like we were actually starting a discussion amongst youth in the community.

Do you have any objectives that you aim to achieve through your participation with us?
I would like to be able to do something for those who are less fortunate in society. From the Rooftops has so far helped me to realize this goal and I only wish to be able to continue doing the same.

What helps you to stay involved?
The ability to make a positive difference alongside my close friends is what keeps me going.

Would you like to say anything to other people who are looking to get involved?
To anyone thinking about joining, I highly recommend it as this is a safe and friendly group that does some amazing things!