North of McKnight

YOUTH ARTS ACTION (North), ANTYX STUDIO and YOUTH VOICES are our core groups in NE Calgary.

What's Your Flava?



We had a blast last Thursday at our first "What's Your Flava" session creating flavourful ice cream explosions! In groups we got together to use a variety of yummy ingredients such as Skittles, fruit, and Doritos. We packed all the ingredients into a ball to create an ice cream flavour that would represent the group's personality by answering the question, "If I were an ice cream flavour, what would I be and why?" 


In order to turn our soupy ingredients into frozen ice cream creations we gathered in groups of two and rolled the ice cream balls back and forth while asking each other some silly questions to get to know each other a little bit better!

We then got together for a sampling session of the all the different ice cream constructions to see what other flavours had been created and why they chose certain ingredients over others.


We wrapped up our first session with bellies full of some interesting ice cream creations! 

Join us March 10th from 4:30pm - 6:30pm at 1000 Voices in the Genesis Centre as we explore packaging ideas for our ice cream flavours by working with an assortment of crafting supplies, textures, and colours! We will begin compiling fun packaging while - of course - snacking on more ice cream!