Greater Forest Lawn

YOUTH ARTS ACTION (South) and WHAT FEEDS US are our primary program in GFL. They are both comprised of youth aged 15-18 who act as creative leaders in their community.

Strangers in our Neighbourhood

Our first Youth Arts Action meeting of the year occurred this past week. 

This term we are focusing on building connections with strangers and hearing their stories. Greater Forest Lawn is full of a diverse population and we think they have incredible stories to tell.

As we ventured out into the streets of Forest Lawn to speak with strangers, and exercise inspired by Toronto-based Mammalian Diving Reflex Artistic Director Darren O’Donnell, we approached random strangers and the youth got to know them.

We spoke with a local business owner, a man who has found community through his faith, a man who the youth deemed a “thug” but ended up being a real advocate for social connection and inclusion, and two sisters who have grown up being each other’s best friend while growing up with three brothers.

We debriefed by discussing what the social stigmas or assumptions we made about these people prior to talking to them were, and how these differed once we broke down the barriers of being strangers.

This was our first investigation into learning about the strangers we call neighbours in Greater Forest Lawn. Stay in touch as the youth leaders/artists in the Greater Forest Lawn Youth Arts Action group dive further into this community to make positive social change.

Forest Lawn Natural Playground Sign Complete

The youth and artists from this term’s Greater Forest Lawn Youth Arts Action Committee are proud to present the completed park signage that was installed in the Forest Lawn Natural Playground this winter. 

The work was produced by Antyx Community Arts & Parks Foundation Calgary.  The sign was designed by the youth in the Greater Forest Lawn Youth Arts Action Committee with artistic guidance from local artist Lane Shordee

You park is located at the green space of 43rd Street and 10th Avenue SE. 

Currently, phase 1 of the park is complete with plans for phase 2 to be complete by the end of Summer 2016. 

Stay tuned for more positive social change projects lead by this group in Greater Forest Lawn Calgary. 

Antyx Youth Visit Tiny Gallery & Bee Kingdom Glassblowing Studio

Stephanie: Recently Youth Arts action had the opportunity to visit Tiny Gallery and Bee Kingdom Glassblowing.

Peter Meadows, owner and creator of Tiny Gallery, talked to Youth Arts Action about ideas of place-making and making art for social change. He discussed how to analyze your audience when making public art, how to recognize their habits and trends, and how to cater your public pieces to the audience to make the greatest impact with your messaging. He showed the group how tiny gallery is usually designed as a series of around 3 plinths that are set up in the community to create a walking “show” that the public can engage with.

After this presentation, Youth Arts Action visited Beekingdom Glassblowing, where Phil Bandura gave a demo and talked about the collective and their work in the community. He discussed what kinds of projects and messages they touch on when they make their pieces and some of the history of their work over the years. In addition he also talked about their first inflatable piece, “fabulist,”  that the collective made this year for Beakerhead Festival.

Thank you again to all our artists and partners that we were able to visit. This certainly was an inspiring trip!