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YOUTH ARTS ACTION (South) and WHAT FEEDS US are our primary program in GFL. They are both comprised of youth aged 15-18 who act as creative leaders in their community.

The Circle - Theatre Reflects REAL Issues

ATP Dramaturg Laurel Green, Kamilla, and Kevin from Antyx

ATP Dramaturg Laurel Green, Kamilla, and Kevin from Antyx


Kamilla: Have you ever been to a theatre show where you actually watched parts of your own life play out? I haven’t. Not until last night anyways when I went to see Alberta Theatre Projects’ “The Circle” written by local writer/performer Geoffrey Simon Brown. As a matter of fact, up until last night I hadn’t been to a professional theatre performance.  Kevin, Community Arts Facilitator with Antyx Community Arts, provided me with a free ticket.  He told me he could use a youth representative from Antyx at the pre-show panel-circle discussion with Antyx and other youth servicing organizations that provide a place for  “youth to belong”.  I thought: hey why not it sounds fun. Boy, did I make a great choice!

It was so real. I wasn’t watching theatre; I was watching real people living real lives. I was watching real experiences so well put I almost forgot I was in an audience. I couldn’t believe how relatable it was. These characters weren’t just characters. I wonder if these people were even acting. The lack of censorship really brought this show to life. When I say no censorship I mean that nothing was taken out for the comfort of the audience; it wasn’t re-arranged to be a comedy, or a mystery, it was just real.

I got to chat with the actors and actresses in the post-show talk back. When they heard it was my first time at a theatre they welcomed me into their “circle” . I talked to one of the actresses who after saying one line to me, “thanks for coming”, I began to tear up and I couldn’t explain why. Even now writing this I begin to cry a bit. Maybe it was the way she said it. I really did belong even if it was just a show. I really felt like a part of something.

A big thanks to Laurel Green, Alberta Theatre Project’s Artistic Associate and panel moderator that evening, for providing free tickets to Antyx youth.  And, thanks to Antyx for creating a sense of belonging for youth in our community.

If you haven’t seen the show yet, I recommend that you go and check it out! The show runs at Alberta Theatre Projects (located in the Arts Commons) until November 7, 2015. Youth can get a ticket discount of $25. Here is a website link: