Greater Forest Lawn

YOUTH ARTS ACTION (South) and WHAT FEEDS US are our primary program in GFL. They are both comprised of youth aged 15-18 who act as creative leaders in their community.

Can You Tell Who is From Forest Lawn?


We’ve been busy in August with Summer Camp. This year we hosted at a Public Art Photography Youth Camp during August 8-19.

We wanted to meet strangers in the Greater Forest Lawn neighbourhood. So, we gave a group of youth some cameras, taught them how to take portraits and then sent them out into the community to meet these strangers, find something interesting about them, and snap a portrait pic of them. We then also took a handful of pictures of people who do not live in Greater Forest Lawn but consider themselves Calgarians. In total, the youth took150 portraits of different people.

We then printed these pictures.  We took these printed portraits and taught the youth how to wheat-paste (a simple mixture of wheat and water). To culminate, we wheat-pasted these images to the outside of the ArtBox on 17th avenue SE and asked the community the question: Can you tell who is from Forest Lawn?

These photos were also printed on coropast board, and will tour to different sites around Calgary asking the same question: Can you tell who is from Forest Lawn?

Have a look at the video of our project and keep your eyes out for this traveling exhibition during Beakerhead 2016.