Greater Forest Lawn

YOUTH ARTS ACTION (South) and WHAT FEEDS US are our primary program in GFL. They are both comprised of youth aged 15-18 who act as creative leaders in their community.

Antyx Creative Club at Ian Bazzalgette

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On Thursdays between 3pm-5pm Antyx is with Ian Bazalgette running Creative Club. This project facilitates youth in Junior High who collaborate their amazing ideas and creativity to create a project. The project that they are working on right now is a short film showcasing the effects of bullying on teenagers in school and shows the possibilities of the action that can be taken as a result of it. The youth at Ian Bazalgette are all so talented in their own way, and every week they are showing us their talents through various art forms that they find helps them express themselves. Their talents range from spoken word, poetry, filming, and editing to many other talents. The youth have been working together to create characters, story lines, camera angles, and executing a strong message through their passion of exploring social justice issues. Creative Club is excited to be wrapping up the project to show the public what can happen when amazing minds collaborate together to create something amazing.  

The Beauty of This Land

June 3rd was the first day of Antyx Community Art's The Beauty of this Land Mural Camp at the Forest Lawn Boys and Girls Club on Treaty 7 Territory. 

We had special guest Elder Dakota Eagle Woman start the day off with a prayer and smudge, and gained knowledge that morning from her stories. Over the course of the day and a shared meal, both youth and adults discussed the human connection to nature and land. Reflections were made about the theme of mankind's drive for money at the expense of our planet, which has been a recurrent way of thinking within the western culture throughout history.

Elder Dakota Eagle Woman spoke of how humanity is starting to wake up and that  today's generation holds immense power to create positive change. These paintings done by the youth are a creative reflection of the discussion and of the elder's stories.

Share Your Love

On June 5th, a group of proactive girls attended Immigrant Services Calgary and Antyx Community Art's RESPECT program. They finished up their Share Your Love mural.

Everyone decided on Share Your Love as the art's message to encourage compassion and sharing of resources in the community. The mural has not been mounted onto the fence yet, but will be soon. The girls did chalk art to foreshadow the coming of this gift into the community and to leave mystery in the air for the time being.

Greater Forest Lawn Youth Night!


After successful first iteration of the Greater Forest Lawn YOUTH NIGHT event at the Alex Food Centre (a project conceived of and developed out of the Mount Royal University Social Work students capstone project) we are going to host another!



May 26, 2017
4920-17 Ave SE
Calgary, AB T2A 0V4


In partnership with the MRU Capstone Project, The Alex Community Food Centre, 12 Community Safety Initiatives, GlobalFest, and Antyx Community Arts. 

Teens Tackle Mental Health with Art Interventions

Photo Caption: The Youth Arts Action team prepares seed-bombs for Greater Forest Lawn.  

Photo Caption: The Youth Arts Action team prepares seed-bombs for Greater Forest Lawn. 

Our Youth Arts Action team has been hard at work conceiving of their new project for the year. Over the past few months we asked the team “What’s the biggest issue teens face in Greater Forest Lawn?”. We made a list of these issues and through a process of dotocracy (voting with stickers for your top favorites) we eventually ended on youth mental health.

According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, mental illness indirectly affects all Canadians at some time in through either a family member, friend or colleague. Twenty percent of Canadians will personally experience a mental illness in their lifetime. Mental health is caused by a complex interplay of genetic, biological, personality and environmental factors. And, it doesn’t help that 49 % of those who feel they have suffered from depression or anxiety have never gone to t see a doctor about this problem.

When it comes to youth, 10-20 % of Canadian youth are affected by a mental illness or disorder. Today, approximately 5 % of male youth and 12 % of female youth , age 12 to 19, have experienced a major depressive episode.

Youth have a lot on their mind – family, friends, partners, peer pressures, societal pressures, media pressures, school and grades. It’s a lot to deal with. Anxiety and depression are major issues for teens in Canada.

As part of our Youth Arts Action mission to make impact on a certain issue using art, the youth have devised three projects that will bring awareness to youth mental health. 

These projects will include seed bombing Greater Forest Lawn with the idea that growing a green environment helps promote positive mental health; public picnic for mental health awareness; a bus stop flash-party;  and a Zen room design at a local high school. Each of these ideas came from the minds of the youth in Youth Arts Action team. 

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