Board of Directors

Dylan Jones - President
Communications, City of Calgary

Roxanne Pham - Vice President
Research Assistant, City of Calgary

Matt Watt - Treasurer
Analytical Accountant

Ami Kenzo - Secretary (Lover of zealous challengers of the self and run-onsentences)
Film and Video Production Freelance Worker. Filmmaker. Writer. Activist. 

A perpetual observer, Ami has had a passion for storytelling that she uses as a means to forge connections with those around her. Motivated by the quest to find common dominators to bridge the gap that unnecessarily exits between individuals and attempt to transcend the human experience. A self-proclaimed harvester of stories, it is this love affair with the unique experiences of others, and her own, that fuels her passion for advocacy.

AMi works as a freelancer on various Film and Video productions further feeding and nurturing her love for storytelling in its diverse mediums.

“What can be better than having an organization that provides a safe space and platform for marginalized youth to engage with the realities of their respective space and communicate those truths through various art forms while attempting to positively implement change! That’s Antyx to me. That’s why I can’t help but love it!”

Barbara Ball - Director
Strategic Development Consultant

Allan Nielsen Q.C. - Director
Retired Lawyer

Throughout his career as a lawyer, Allan participated on numerous for profit and not for profit boards. Now he has time to do a better job as a board member. Allan was, and is, widely known as one of the funniest lawyers ever to practice in Calgary even if he says so himself.

Allan joined the Board because Antyx is unique, helps people and is jammed full of truly dedicated staff, volunteers and Board members.

To Allan, Antyx provides opportunities for fun and growth for youth in Calgary that they can’t find anywhere else. That is important!

Graham Newby - Director
Investment Manager

Daniel Pisterzi - Director
Workforce Consultant

Solving systemic social justice problems has been a passion for Daniel over the years. You may not have guessed that if you saw old photos of him slappin’ bass guitars for a punk band or strummin’ banjos for a rock group.

Unable to change the world through music, Daniel discovered his passion for filmmaking and working for nonprofit organizations as ways to have community impact. Daniel currently consults organizations on strategic workforce planning, drawing from an eclectic background in marketing, international development, and even meditating in the mountains of Nepal. For now, the banjo's been retired. 

“Art has the ability to move people, change opinions, and produce powerful social change. Antyx is helping youth make our communities inclusive for all. Communities that speak out against injustice and support those being marginalized. This is important work for us all.”