Board of Directors

Barbara Ball - Director and dedicated volunteer
Strategic Planning professional. 
Studied Geographic Information Science and Non-profit Management
Crafty Creative. Strategic Thinker. Great Dane Comfy Chair.

Barbara is a big thinker who sweats the small stuff. Not because she’s fussy or particular, but because she knows that when the little things are done well, and with heart, they can make a big impact and effect change! Her background in Geographic Information Science helps her to develop roadmap strategies, set organizational goals and priorities, and identify the most effective route to get things done.

Barbara loves being surrounded by creative energy and exuberant people like the Antyx team. She is inspired by those who think big, and dream even bigger. And she’s in absolute awe of people who work hard to make their dreams into reality. When her Great Dane Shay isn’t sitting in her lap, Barbara loves to create in the kitchen and the garden, with her camera or a paint brush, and with any craft supplies she can get her hands on.

Barbara joined Antyx because it was the perfect pairing of her passions for Youth empowerment and the Arts. She was looking for an opportunity to get involved in her community and to make a positive difference. Since then, Barbara has realized that she happily suffers from “Volunesia”… that moment when you forget you’re volunteering to help change lives, because it’s changing yours!

Roxanne Pham - Vice President
Community Economic Developer. Studied Political Science and Economics. Community advocate. Cat lover. Comprehensive cook.

Roxanne has lived in Calgary for most of her life, dipping in and out of other cities and countries before settling down in the 403 for the long haul. Being raised in the Greater Forest Lawn area, she was exposed to a variety of cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds that made her aware of the diversity that Calgary had to offer. Today, she works at the International Avenue Business Revitalization Zone right in the heart of Forest Lawn to come up with community economic development projects and initiatives that help to alleviate social and environmental issues.

“I love working with Antyx because of everything the organization represents. It is grassroots. It is problem-solving using creative and non-conventional techniques. It is real engagement with the community and the youth. It is flexible in its program delivery and services. It is REAL!”

Matt Watt, CPA-CA - Treasurer
Internal Auditor

Matt grew up in a farming family that strongly believed in the importance of community, and why one must always be an active member of one.  As such, when the Treasurer position became available for Antyx, it was the perfect opportunity for him to be involved in the city he loves to call home, Calgary.

Matt joined Antyx not knowing much about its mission or programs.  However, from his initial discussion with staff and board members, he saw Antyx for what it is; a passionate organization filled with committed and dedicated staff, volunteers and Board members.  More importantly, Antyx provides an opportunity for many youth that they otherwise would not have.  Everyone should be part of a team.  Antyx allows many youth that chance.

Matt can't draw.  Period.  However, he does truly enjoy viewing art in all its mediums (from The Matrix to Landscape at Louveciennes by Pissarro. 

Ami Kenzo - Secretary (Lover of zealous challengers of the self and run-onsentences)
Film and Video Production Freelance Worker. Filmmaker. Writer. Activist. 

A perpetual observer, Ami has had a passion for storytelling that she uses as a means to forge connections with those around her. Motivated by the quest to find common dominators to bridge the gap that unnecessarily exits between individuals and attempt to transcend the human experience. A self-proclaimed harvester of stories, it is this love affair with the unique experiences of others, and her own, that fuels her passion for advocacy.

AMi works as a freelancer on various Film and Video productions further feeding and nurturing her love for storytelling in its diverse mediums.

“What can be better than having an organization that provides a safe space and platform for marginalized youth to engage with the realities of their respective space and communicate those truths through various art forms while attempting to positively implement change! That’s Antyx to me. That’s why I can’t help but love it!”

Dylan Jones - Past Board Chair and homeboy with heart
Public Engagement Consultant. Studied Development Studies and Cultural Anthropology
Father. Emcee. Civil servant. Global Citizen.

Growing up alongside a crew of breakdancers in Calgary’s South, hip-hop was the ultimate form of expression for Dylan. From a young age, the music – and the power within it – formed a deep-rooted appreciation for freedom, constructive-rebellion, and empowerment of the underprivileged.

Today Dylan serves his city working as a public engagement consultant where he designs ways for Calgarians to have a say in the projects that impact them. Though not every line rhymes anymore, it’s still all about the people when it comes to work and volunteerism.

“For me, Antyx is the ultimate organization: it’s a place where youth are free to be themselves, where they learn new skills, and where rebellious energy becomes constructive. It’s a place where young people find their voice and learn to love themselves and their communities.”

Bassem Hafez - Director
Immigration Consultant

Allan Nielsen Q.C. - Director
Retired Lawyer

Throughout his career as a lawyer, Allan participated on numerous for profit and not for profit boards. Now he has time to do a better job as a board member. Allan was, and is, widely known as one of the funniest lawyers ever to practice in Calgary even if he says so himself.

Allan joined the Board because Antyx is unique, helps people and is jammed full of truly dedicated staff, volunteers and Board members.

To Allan, Antyx provides opportunities for fun and growth for youth in Calgary that they can’t find anywhere else. That is important!

Daniel Pisterzi - Director
Workforce Consultant

Solving systemic social justice problems has been a passion for Daniel over the years. You may not have guessed that if you saw old photos of him slappin’ bass guitars for a punk band or strummin’ banjos for a rock group.

Unable to change the world through music, Daniel discovered his passion for filmmaking and working for nonprofit organizations as ways to have community impact. Daniel currently consults organizations on strategic workforce planning, drawing from an eclectic background in marketing, international development, and even meditating in the mountains of Nepal. For now, the banjo's been retired. 

“Art has the ability to move people, change opinions, and produce powerful social change. Antyx is helping youth make our communities inclusive for all. Communities that speak out against injustice and support those being marginalized. This is important work for us all.”

Robert Toth - Director
Marketing & Brand Strategist
Husband – Father – Photographer – Traveler 

Robert Toth is passionate about helping social enterprises and not-for-profit groups raise their profile through a customer-centric approach in their stakeholder relations. After spending over a decade in the communication field, Robert has assisted a broad range of for-profit corporations in a multitude of sectors, including: agriculture; homebuilding; education; and the insurance industry; to differentiate their message and tell an authentic story.

As an immigrant to Canada, Robert is proud of his Hungarian heritage and sees the opportunity to help the youth of Calgary, many who are also new to this country or children of recent immigrants, develop their multitude of talents in the creative arts. 

“I’m so fortunate to have a role with ANTYX in helping empower youth to develop life-long skills in leadership, creativity, and collaboration. ANTYX is a fantastic resource to provide young people with access to creative tools and new technologies to boost their interest in culture, the arts and sciences.”

Another Robert (Kennedy) said it best: “This world demands the qualities of youth: not a time of life but a state of mind, a temper of the will, a quality of imagination, a predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over the love of ease.” We must all do our best to champion these qualities in order to make our community stronger.